Toy & Gift Core Program

The Core Package Program is for Toy & Gift stores and represents best-selling titles in our portfolio. The program is designed to let retailers easily identify, stock, and sell the games that will give them the best return on investment to grow their business. Retailers participating in the core package have access to a selection of our best games, as well as exclusive benefits; just for those enrolled in the program*.

These benefits include:
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • No minimum order size
  • Free once-monthly game credit with re-stock
  • Exclusive Promotions and Marketing Materials
  • Access to extended dating specials, including first enrollment order in the Core Package Program
Joining the Core Package Program is super easy. All you have to do is carry the 33 games in the package in the specified quantities. Any games you already have in stock count towards your core package. The only requirement to stay in the program is to restock the games that you sell on a monthly basis.*

If you have any questions about the Core Package Program, or would like more information; please ask your sales rep. or email: And just as a reminder, you can always reach us by phone at: 844-6-ASMODEE (844-627-6633)

*Subject to retailer eligibility requirements and compliance with AUSA retailer policies and on qualifying purchases. Product restrictions apply. Core Package Program is subject to change, suspension or cancellation without notice.